Evaluation of physiological quality of Corn seeds by GroundEye L800® system

Cinthia Vieira Golfi Andriazzi, Debora Kelli Rocha, Igor Chalfoun Pomárico de Souza, Samlla Albuquerque Bichuette


The usual vigor test of companies for batches of genetic corn seeds is carried out based on the potential of seeds to germinate at low temperatures, not being suitable for the warm regions of the country, since there is a low correlation between laboratory and field results for these cases. An alternative to this method is the GroundEye L800® system, which evaluates vigor by the performance potential of corn seedlings. Thus, the objective was to evaluate the efficiency of the GroundEye L800® equipment in determining the vigor of seeds of the genetic category of corn. Seeds from 36 corn batches were used in this study. The parameters evaluated were germination, radicle emergence test (RET), emergence on flower-bed, besides the image analysis using GroundEye L800® system. RET, the method generally used by companies, showed a significant difference in emergence results compared to those found on flower-bed, with no positive correlation. The GroundEye L800 process and the flower-bed emergence test did not differ statistically. GroundEye L800® equipment is promising for assessing the physiological potential of corn seeds.


Image analysis Zea mays. Vigor. Seeds Production.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18227/1982-8470ragro.v14i0.6750

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