The influence of calyx maturation stage and types of packaging on the germination of goldenberry seeds

Weslley Rosário Santana, Érica Duarte Silva, Gleison Oliosi, Jalille Amim Altoé, Jeniffer Ribeiro de Oliveira, Larissa Andreata Sesquim


Studies of the optimum harvest time for obtaining seeds for the sexual propagation of the goldenberry are essential to help maintain seed viability. This study aimed to determine the optimum harvest time for the goldenberry based on the calyx maturation stage and viability of stored seeds. The design was completely randomized a in factorial design (5 x 3), with three replications. The treatments consisted of a combination of five calyx maturation stages, assessed based on color (green, green-yellow, greenish-yellow, yellow, brownishyellow), and three types of packaging: Kraft paper bags, plastic bags, and glass. The seeds were removed from the fruit and stored at the same temperature and shade conditions for 120 days. Based on the results of the 21-day germination test, it is recommended that goldenberry seeds should be obtained from fruit with a green-yellow to brownish-yellow calyx. All the packaging types analyzed by this study are recommended for the storage of goldenberry seeds obtained from fruit with a green-yellow to brownish-yellow calyx for a 120-day storage period.


Germination speed. Seed propagation. Packaging.

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