Ruellia simplex cuttings propagation produced on carnauba waste substrate

Taciella Fernandes Silva, Klayton Antonio do Lago Lopes, Janaiane Ferreira dos Santos, Ana Paula de Almeida Sousa, Francisca Gislene Albano-Machado, Raissa Rachel Salustriano da Silva-Matos


The production of quality seedlings is necessary for the trading of ornamental plants. Seedling quality depends on several factors, among these factors, the substrate is highlighted. Thus, this study aimed to evaluate the effect of substrates based on bagana of carnauba, in the production of Ruellia simplex seedlings, by vegetative propagation. A completely randomized design was adopted, with six treatments and four replications. The treatments (substrates) were composed of bagana of carnauba (BC) and soil, in the following proportions: BC0 - 0% BC + 100% of soil; BC20 - 20% BC + 80% of soil; BC40 - 40% BC + 60% of soil; BC60 - 60% BC + 40% of soil; BC80 - 80% BC + 20% of soil; BC100 - 100% BC + 0% of soil. The plot consisted of a plant. After 45 days of cutting, it was evaluated: number of shoots; number of leaves per shoot; diameter of the highest shoot; length of the highest shoot; root length; inflorescence number; number of flowers per inflorescence; leaf area; root volume; aerial part fresh mass; root system fresh mass; aerial part dry mass; and root system dry mass. There was a significant difference for the variables, number of leaves per shoot, diameter and length of the highest shoot, number of flowers per inflorescence, fresh and dry mass of the aerial part. Having a direct relationship between the increase in the proportion of bagana of carnauba volume and the inflorescence number, the substrate 100% of bagana of carnauba is indicated.


Copernicia prunifera. Floriculture. Mexican petunia. Ornamental plants.

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