Physiological potential of corn seeds with different sizes and vigor levels subjected to micronutrient treatment

Mônica Satie Omura, Verônica Pellizzaro, Gustavo Henrique Freiria, Felipe Favoretto Furlan, Márcio Antonio Nicoletti, Lúcia Sadayo Assari Takahashi


Micronutrients are used in small amounts by plants and changes in metabolic processes of seeds can improve germination and vigor; however, little is known about the effects of the combination of Zn, Co, and Mo on corn seeds. Thus, the objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of the application of Zn, Co, and Mo on the physiological potential of corn seeds of different sizes and levels of vigor. A randomized 2×2×3 factorial design was adopted, with two levels of vigor (high and low), two seed sizes (18 and 22 mm), and three doses of liquid fertilizer containing micronutrients (0, 2, and 4 mL kg-1). The physiological potential of the seeds was evaluated based on germination and vigor tests. High vigor corn seeds had greater physiological potential compared to low vigor seeds. Regarding size, small seeds (18 mm) had higher percentages of germination and vigor than the large seeds (22 mm). Seed treatment with micronutrients (Co, Mn, and Zn) resulted in improved emergence in the field, shoot length, and dry mass of large and small seeds with the application dose of 2 mL kg-1, and the application dose of 4 mL kg-1 enhanced emergence in the field of large seeds and germination after the cold test of low vigor seeds of both sizes.


Cobalt. Molybdenum. Seed size. Vigor. Zinc.

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